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About Us  

 Hello… I’m Aggie. Welcome to my sewing shop!


I was raised in Alaska. I started sewing at a young age and fell in love with it. I've worked for Anderson's Bride in Anchorage, altering bridal dresses, where I absolutely fell in love with. I love the creativity that goes in altering a dress for a bride on her special day.  After I moved to Wasilla,  I felt drawn to open a shop here in Wasilla in order to provide sewing and alterations services for our community.

I opened Aggie’s Sewing Shop in July of 2013 on Railroad Ave in Wasilla. I am so lucky to have had so many wonderful customers over the years as I worked on any alterations needed. In July 2023, I reopened the shop in a new location and am now specializing on just bridal dress alterations and work for first responders, including ballistic vests and any clothing alterations needed.

If you're looking for bridal alterations, advice, or are in need of alterations for first responder uniforms … please reach out to me at Aggie’s Sewing Shop......a comfortable place where you will always be welcome! 

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